IGS3723 Insulating Glass Sealant

IGS 3723 insulating glass sealant is a two-component silicone which cures to form a high strength, high modulus sealant

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  • Excellent adhesion to glass, most reflective glass coatings, aluminum and galvanized steel spacers
  • Variable ratio allowing for cure rate adjustment
  • High application rate at low pumping pressures (reduces pump wear)
  • Excellent filling and tooling characteristics
  • Low sag or slump. Allows use on automatic sealing equipment
  • Low odor
  • No kit matching required
  • Compatible with Ultraglaze* structural glazing sealants
  • Color – Black

Basic Uses

IGS 3723 Insulating Glass Sealant is designed for use as an insulating glass secondary seal and is easily dispensed using readily available plural component pumping equipment. Only minor modifications to existing silicone plural component pumping system are required

Tech Spec

Uncured properties

Component A Component B
Colour White Black
Specific gravity 1.40 1.00

Mixed compound properties

Colour  : Black
Specific gravity  : 1.37
Snap time  : 20-50 min
Sag/flow  : max 2 mm
Corrosiveness  : Non-corrosive

Cured properties – 7 days @23°C, 50% RH

Shore A hardness  : 43
Tensile strength  : 2.1 MPa
Elongation at break  : 200%
Lap shear aluminum/glass  : 0.9
Cold flow  : Negligible
Heat resistance  : 150°C


  • Component A = 265.4 kg drums
  • Component B = 20.4 kg pails
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