GE SSG4600 UltraGlaze*

GE SSG4600 UltraGlaze* is a high-strength, 2-part silicone elastomeric adhesive/sealant for use in structural glazing applications, specifically in the fabrication and shop glazing of curtainwall systems. GE SSG4600 UltraGlaze* is a two-component product (part A + part B) that provides fast adhesion and strength build; when mixed, GE SSG4600 UltraGlaze* cures quickly to a very high strength, tear-resistant durable silicone rubber.

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  • Silicone durability – cured silicone rubber exhibits excellent long term resistance to natural weathering
  • Primerless adhesion – attains strong bonds to many conventional substrates and finishes without the need of a primer
  • Low pumping viscosity – provides for long longer pump life and reduced maintenance on equipment
  • Fast adhesion build – enhances early stability of assembled parts
  • Protective glazing – SSG4600 offers an excellent combination of strength, flexibility, and tear resistance to aid in countering the higher forces from hurricane, impact, and blast loads
  • Adjustable work life – variable ratio of parts A+B to accommodate assembly and application under varying conditions
  • High application rate – faster and more thorough joint filling capability with easier tooling effort
  • Catalyst options – non-flammable catalyst available in black or grey
  • Materials – compatible with many types of coated glass, metal finishes, glazing gaskets, setting blocks, and spacers
  • Packaging – 55 gallon drum base and 5 gallon pail catalyst

Basic Uses

  • SSG4600 is suitable for use in structural glazing applications such as factory glazing of curtainwall units and modules for unitized and panelized systems
  • SSG4600 is suitable for use as a weatherseal product, when movement expected in the joint does not exceed its movement capability (±25%)
  • SSG4600 is an excellent candidate for use in protective glazing applications

Tech Spec

Typical properties

Uncured properties Base
Color  : White
Specific gravity  : 1.40
Shelf life  : 18 months
Viscosity  : 132.3/132,300
Uncured properties Catalyst
Color  : Black/Grey
Specific gravity  : 1.04
Shelf life  : 12 months
Viscosity  : 129.6 (129,600)

Mixed compound properties

Color  : Black or medium grey
Specific gravity  : 1.38
Mix ratio range  : 9:1 to 14:1
Work life  : 20-90 minutes
Tack free time  : 1-2 hours
Consistency/Sag  : 0.1 inch (2.5mm)
VOC content  : 21 g/l

Cured properties

Color  : Black or medium grey
Hardness  : 40
Ultimate Tensile strength  : 192 psi
Modulus @25% extension  : 64 psi
Modulus @50% extension  : 105 psi
Ultimate elongation  : 256%
Tensile adhesion strength after 2 and 4 hours  : 63 psi and 104 psi
Tear strength  : 64 ppi
Shear strength  : 124 psi
Elastic recovery  : 99%
Resistance to tearing  : Category 1, >95%
Resistance to water immersion  : Excellent
Accelerated weathering  : Excellent
Heat resistance  : 149°C
Thermal conductivity  : 0.30 W/m•K
Cyclic movement capacity  : ±25%
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