GE UltraGlaze* SSG4000

GE UltraGlaze* SSG4000  structural glazing adhesive is a one-component, high strength neutral cure silicone elastomeric adhesive designed and tested for structurally glazed curtain wall applications. the material is supplied as a paste, which cures into a durable flexible silicone rubber upon exposure to atmospheric moisture

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  • Silicone durability – Exhibits excellent long term resistance
  • Stable consistency (uncured state) – Supplied as a light-weight paste the consistency of which remains relatively unchanged over a wide temperature range
  • Thermal stability (cured state) – Once cured, the material remains flexible over a temperature range of -48°C to 121°C
  • Primerless adhesion – bonds to most conventional substrates and finishes
  • Low sag or slump – which may be used for application to horizontal, vertical, or overhead surfaces
  • High tensile strength – increase safety factors in SSG designs
  • High tear strength – useful in Protective Glazing applications
  • Extended work life – to allow the user sufficient time for tooling and placement
  • Packaging – 600 ml sausage

Basic Uses

  • Ultraglaze SSG4000 is an excellent material of choice for factory glazing of unitized curtainwall systems or in field constructed stick curtainwall systems
  • Ultraglaze SSG4000 can also be used as a weatherseal product, when movement expected in the joint does not exceed its movement capability (±25%)
  • Ultraglaze SSG4000 has been validated in designs as an appropriate candidate for use in protective glazing applications.
  • Ultraglaze SSG4000 is useful in panel stiffener applications.

Tech Spec

Typical properties – Uncured

Color  : Black
Polymer  : 100% silicone
Consistency  : Paste
Specific gravity  : 1.52
VOC  : 31 g/l
Tooling time  : 20-30 min
Tack free time  : 5-7 hours
Application rate  : 2 seconds
Sag/slump  : max 0.1 inch

Typical properties – Cured

Hardness, Durometer  : 39
Ultimate tensile strength  : 342 psi
Ultimate elongation  : 451%
Tear strength  : 79.3 ppi
Peel strength  : 39.6 pli
Joint movement capability  : ±25%
Weathering and UV resistance  : Excellent
Cure time  : 2-3 days
Full cure  : 10-14 days
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