009 – IKASEAL® MS-1022LM

IKASEAL MS-1022LM is a modified silicone sealant, developed with the advanced Terminated Silyl Modified Polyether Technology.

This new Japan hybrid technology combines the unique advantages of both silicone and polyurethane sealants, which makes it standout among all existing construction sealants

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• One Component • Non-Shrinking
• Low Modulus • Non-Slumping
• Neutral Cure • Non-Bleeding
• Paintable • Primerless Adhesion
• Environmental Friendly • Weather Resistance
• Isocyanate Free • PVA Free
• Solvent Free • Anti-Fungus
• Durable

Tech Spec

technical-specification ikaseal-ms-1022-lm

Basic Uses

Concrete, Brick, Stone, Metal, Aluminium, Wood, Floor, Fibreglass, Plastics, Aluminum Composite Panel, and Most Construction Products.