005 – IKASEAL® 988

IKASEAL 988 is Matte Finish, non-odor, with one-component, silicone sealant adhesive. It reacts with moisture and cures at room temperature into a resilient elastomer without generating acetic acid. It does not corrode metals, and suitable for alkali materials such as: mortar, cement, etc.

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• Silicone Durability, cured silicone sealant rubber exhibits excellent long term resistance to natural weathering, including: ultraviolet radiation, high and low temperature and rain and snow.
• One component, ready to use
• Neutral Cure
• Fast Skinning and curing
• Excellent Adhesion, primerless adhesion to glass, aluminum, and most building substrates.
• Thermal Stability (cure state), once cured, the material remains elastic over a range of -48°C to +149°C
• Non Flowing Paste, useful for application to horizontal,
vertical, or overhead surfaces.

Tech Spec


Basic Uses

Primerless adhesion to: glass, metals, most plastic material, concrete and masonry, woods, aluminum, most painted surfaces, and building materials.

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