IKA Glazing Bathroom Kitchen

Glazing Bathroom & Kitchen is a one-part, quick cure, medium modulus, anti-bacteria, anti-fungus, and anti-algae acetoxy silicone sealant. It is designed to be used in high moisture areas such as kitchen and bathroom, where probability of fungus growth is high. It has good adhesion to glass, ceramics, and other materials commonly used in bathroom and kitchen settings.

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  • One Part
    for convenient application
  • Medium Viscosity
    for ease of application
  • Anti Fungus
    suitable for use in high humidity areas.
  • Non-leaching Biocide
    Anti fungus agent will not leach out in
    the presence of water

Tech Spec

Basic Uses

Glazing and watersealing in high
humidity areas. Suitable for sealant
application in wet areas such as
bathroom, shower, toilet, and kitchen.

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