IKASEAL PU AUTO is a one-component polyurethane based sealant which cures under the effect of ambient humidity.

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• Paintable
• Sandable
• Primerless Adhesion
• Good Adhesion to many substrates

Basic Uses

IKASEAL PU AUTO is intended for windshield and side windows bonding
on vehicles with or without primer.
The use or not of a primer depend on the quality of the substrates.
For other applications, contact our technical support.
However, due to the large variety of substrates and installation
conditions, it is necessary to make tests beforehand on difficult materials
(particularly on non-ferrous metals and other plastic substrates like PVC,
PMMA or ABS) to determine whether abrasion or the use of a primer may
be necessary to improve adhesion.
For further information, contact our technical support.
Not suitable for substrates like PE, PP, Teflon.
Avoid any contact with oils, plasticizers or other products like bitumen,
asphalt, silicone, etc.

Tech Spec

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