001 – IKASEAL® 778SL

IKASEAL 778SL for Airport Apron, Highway, Road Joint Self Leveling Silicone Sealant

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IKASEAL 778SL, is designed with airport aprons,
concrete roads and road repairs in mind. It is highly
suitable for application in expansion joint, longitudinal
and transverse joints in airport aprons, concrete
road, pavement, and even parking slab. It is a
one-component, self-levelling, semi-flowable, neutral
cure type silicone that cures upon exposure to room
temperature moisture to form a high performance
compound with permanent elasticity and resistance
against ageing and weathering.



  • Self-leveling, no tooling required.
  • Flows into irregular joint widths and does not require tooling.
  • Movement capability 100% extension and 50% compression.
  • Super-low modulus.
  • Weather and UV Resistant
  • Fuel resistant on short term exposure.
  • Cold applied. ready-to-use as supplied. No heating or special preparation.
  • Unprimed adhesion-primer is not required for Portland cement concrete and asphalt which results in labor and material savings.
    Skin over- typically, the sealant will have a skin-over time of one hour or less at standard conditions allowing roadways to quickly be opened to trac.
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