IKA Glazing Neutral Plus

Glazing Neutral Plus is a one component RTV, silicone of neutral cure type will not corrode metal. It has excellent adhesion to most building substrates, such as glass, metal, concrete, masonry, stone, and numerous materials, good weather resistance, and good workability.

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Glazing Neutral Plus is available in 300 mL plastic caulking
cartridges and 600 mL foil sausage pack.

Tech Spec

• Silicone Durability, cured silicone sealant rubber exhibits excellent long
term resistance to natural weathering, including : ultraviolet radiation, high
and low temperatures and rain and snow.
• One component, ready to use
• Neutral cure
• Fast skinning and curing
• Excellent Adhesion, primerless adhesion to glass, aluminum, and most
building substrates
• Thermal Stability (cure state), once cured, the material remains elastic
over a range of -48◦C to +149◦ C
• Non Flowing Paste, useful for aplication to horizontal, vertical or overhead

Basic Uses

Glazing Neutral Plus is designed for use in applications such as
sealing for glass-to-glass and glass-to-metal sash. Glazing Neutral Plus may
also be used to seal for housing windows, freight container, metal cladding,
aluminum composite panel, painted surface, ducting, interior and exterior
sealing in building and housing. Glazing Neutral Plus is also designed for use
in sealing for general glazing and general weatherproofing applications.

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