• Silicone durability - cured silicone rubber exhibits excellent long term resistance to natural weathering
  • Adhesion - primerless adhesion to many substrates and finishes
  • ±50% Movement capacity - can accommodate 50% movement in both extension and compression and has excellent recovery after cycling
  • Low VOC
  • Strength properties - SilPruf's combination of high tensile strength, high tear strength and the capacity to absorb high deformations (elongation) make this product an outstanding candidate for protective glazing designs and seismic applications
  • Thermal stability - once cured, the material remains elastic over a range of -48°C to 149°C and up to 204°C under intermittent short-term exposure
  • Stable consistency - supplied as a lightweight paste, the consistency of which remains relatively unchanged over a wide temperature range
  • Extended work life
  • Low sag or slump
  • Packaging - 600 ml sausage
  • Weatherproofing - between dissimilar or similar materials in either new or remedial glazing and sealing applications, around window perimeters and punched openings
  • Protective glazing - successfully tested in protective glazing designs
  • Adhesive - applied in panel stiffener applications

Typical properties - Supplier

Consistency  : Paste
Polymer  : 100% silicone
VOC  : 20 g/l
Tooling time  : 20-30min
Tack free time  : 1.5-2 hours
Sag/slump  : max 0.1 inch


Typical properties - Cured

Hardness, durometer (Type A Indentor)  : 24
Ultimate tensile strength  : 341 psi
Ultimate elongation  : 715%
Tensile at 50% elongation  : 47.0 psi
Tensile at 100% elongation  : 73.2 psi
Tear strength  : 76.8 ppi
Joint movement capability  : ±50%
Service temperature strength (after cure)  : -48°C to 121°C
Fire endurance  : 2 hours (with backer)
Weathering and UV resistance  : Excellent
Cure time  : 3-4 days
Full cure  : 10-14 days



White, black, limestone, light grey, aluminum grey, dark grey, precast white, bronze, earth tone, red brick, champagne, antique pink

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